Since 2007, Axe Pictures has been a creative film house that specializes

in bringing diverse stories to the screen with often unusual perspectives.

We have branches in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S.



Film Production
Don't know who to hire? We have a team of professionals that can take the burden off your shoulders. from Short Films to Features, Commercials to Music videos.
Post Production
Whether you need editing, color correction or transfers for a final delivery.
Writing Service
We will get you the best screenwriter to fit the genre you want to make in English or Arabic
If you already have a screenplay or a rough cut film but you need help finalizing it and getting the right feedback. Getting a professional consultant is your best option.
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Film Festivals
Years Experience
Co-Founder | Film Producer-Director
  Hanaa is an award-winning writer and director who has over a decade of experience in film and media production. Hanaa wrote her first story at the age of eight. She has graduated to different forms, telling stories in 3D animation and photography and film. She holds a Masters of...
Co-Founder | Executive Producer
Malika Co-founded Axe pictures in 2007 with Hanaa Saleh Alfassi in Casablanca Morocco, she is also the executive producer . Malika is writer and award-winning producer. Having grown up in Casablanca, a young Malika got her start in writing, acting, and directing for the theatre in plays like “The Bride,”...
Shannon Emigh
Co-Founder | Post Producer
Shannon Emigh is the Co-Founder of the Los Angeles branch of Axe Pictures. She is also a post producer with 8+ years of professional editing and post production experience and has worked on well over 1,000 pieces for top networks and studios like NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, Universal, Paramount, Disney,...
Rajaa Saleh
Actress | Art Director
Rajaa, a Saudi actress and Model, spent the majority of her life immersed in cultural discovery as she lived and studied in various parts of the Arab world which allowed her to quickly pick up dialects and speak fluently in Moroccan, Egyptian and her native dialect Saudi Hejazi. Rajaa was the Lead in major TV...
Kosty Frolov
Konstantin Frolov, a Russian cinematographer and a graduate of New York Film Academy. Since he moved to Los Angeles in 2014. Konstantin has participated in various productions including his work as Director of Photography for critically acclaimed films Yumna (2015), Calling (2015) and Lollipop (2017).  With 48 shorts films and 2 features under his...